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We invite you to take part in work of regular international academic and research Internet conferences. Internet conferences are held with the assistance and with the active participation of the NGO "Scientific community" and The Higher School of Management and Administration in Opole Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Administracji w Opolu (Opole, Poland). The conference summaries collected volumes and certificates will be printed out and sent to the authors. 

The conference aims at constructive discussion of the problems and modern vision of the task, objects and notions in economics and law, search for efficient ways of providing stable economic and law development, and issues of socio-humanitarian sciences.

Our collections of materials from scientific and practical Internet conferences are assigned number ISSN 2522-963X.

The publication is included in scientific databases: Google Scholar, Academic Research Index (Research Bib)

Conference working languages: Ukrainian, Polish, English.

Form of participation: distance, conference duration 18 hours (November, 23-24 2023 р.) 0,6 ECTS credits.

Conference work is planned according to the following sessions:

1. Economic sciences

2. Legal sciences

3. Philosophical sciences

4. Pedagogical sciences

5. Historical sciences

6. Culturology

7. Art history

8. Philological sciences

9. Social communications

10. Political science

11. National security

12. Public administration

13. Sociological sciences

14. Geographical sciences

15. Psychological sciences

16. Physical education and sports

To take part in the conference you should fill in an application for participation in the conference and attach the theses files, and scanned copy or a photo of the receipt. These data will be sent automatically to Expect a response from the editorial board within 1-3 days after completing the application.

Report summaries for the international academic and research Internet conference with the topic:

Eighty first economic and legal discussions. Series: Social sciences and humanities

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19 грудня 2023

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Міжнародна інтернет-конференція з економіки, інформаційних систем і технологій, психології та педагогіки

Наукові конференції

Економіко-правові дискусії. Спільнота


Seventy-ninth economic and legal discussions. Series: Social sciences and humanities

Eighties economic and legal discussions. Series: Social sciences and humanities

Eighty first economic and legal discussions. Series: Social sciences and humanities