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05.12.2019 13:19

[Секція 1. Економіка, організація і управління підприємствами, галузями, комплексами]

Автор: Tomalia Tetiana Stanislavivna, Ph.D., Assoc., Khmelnytsky National University; Bilous Alina Oleksandrivna, MSc, Khmelnytsky National University

The effective functioning of the restaurant industry is an indicator of positive changes in the economy of our country, an important prerequisite for intensification of international relations and integration of the country into the world community. The current global trend is to increase the value of the service sector, both in the world economy and in the economies of individual countries and Ukraine in particular. The restaurant business is a typical representative of the service industry, and in itself it is quite dynamic and multifaceted. New market concepts and formats are emerging fairly quickly in this market. In general, the restaurant business in Ukraine is quite profitable, so the market has a steady increase in competition. At the same time, not only the market for services is growing, but also the demands on it by the visitors - they have become more demanding about the service, design, kitchen, interior atmosphere. Recently, the popularity of fast food establishments has been increasing in Ukraine due to a number of economic, demographic and socio-cultural factors.

The fast food restaurant market is one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant business. Despite the fact that the number of fast food establishments is gradually increasing since 2017, the market is still unsaturated. First and foremost, its development is influenced by the level of solvency, higher incomes and positive consumer expectations, the overall economic recovery in the country, the spread of food culture outside the home. Pro-Consulting analysts have prepared a market research for fast food in Ukraine. The report analyzes the trends of market development, major operators, calculated market capacity, analyzed prices for basic restaurant products, consumer preferences, branding and advertising methods, barriers and risks of entering and functioning on the market, investment attractiveness of the industry, features of state regulation. industries and more.

The main reason for visiting fast food restaurants is the lack of time for a full meal. In addition, restaurants are captivating visitors with delicious food and convenient service. Most often, fast-food restaurants are visited by women and men in the middle-aged age group 25-34 with middle- and lower-middle-income backgrounds. Segmentation of visitors to fast food restaurants in Ukraine by age criterion is presented in Figure 1.

One of the current trends in the fast food restaurant market is the rise in prices for food and drinks and the increase in the average check. So, for 2018, the average check at fast food restaurants has increased by about 30%. The main reason for this was the increase in purchase prices, as well as the cost of rent, increase in wages, costs of utilities, logistics, and more. The trend is observed this year as well. In general, the prices in the market of fast food restaurants today justify the costs of market operators, but still do not meet the expectations of the mass consumer, restaurants with reasonable prices are not enough.

In the coming years, the number of market operators is expected to grow, new players will emerge, and existing networks will be expanded, mainly due to the development of Ukrainian operators and international players already present.

Innovations and their components that are implemented in the organization of production, in the broad sense of the understanding, create the openness of the cooking process for visitors. Based on the expressed interest of guests in the culinary presentations of dishes (demonstration cooking), restaurants form a new experience in the organization of production, and at the same time significantly increase the demand for services.

The empirical level of cognition of innovations in the organization of production of culinary products in the establishments of the restaurant industry allowed to distinguish the following types: - open production "Front cooking"; - Show-cooking culinary shows; - Fresh-time knife order.

The organization of open production of "Front cooking" restaurant establishments has different conventions regarding openness, extends to the production of certain types of dishes (usually corporate dishes of the establishment) in a specially equipped area. Creating innovative forms of the organization of production of "Front cooking", as a special case of the process of change in the organization can take several forms: production by the glass, video production, organization of the "Front cooking" area in the restaurant hall. In one of their previous works, they were classified into different forms.

The simplest way to open production processes is to broadcast the production of dishes on a monitor installed in the trading hall of the establishment. At the same time, it is important to think carefully about the location of the installation of the monitor, its format, technical capabilities that will ensure high-quality video playback, good access to view from different parts of the room at the dining tables.

The guests' interest in cooking demonstrations contributes to the active development of cookie shows. In the organizational aspect, cookie shows are a form of open kitchen and are gradually being shaped into a distinct area of activity - culinary animation. The practical experience of organizing a cookie-show shows the development of both organizational aspects and deepening of the content of the thematic direction, the development of their specialization. Today, there are more than 50 types of cookie shows that have the appropriate technological equipment for the organization of animation stations, among them: pancake station; carving station; raclet station; tempura station; WOK station; a station for cooking on a frying pan; cheese and wine station; station for preparation of sail, sherds, soups, kulesh a station for roasting chestnuts; station of children's culinary animation (glazing of donuts, cakes and fruits, preparation of culinary figures, etc.); team building stations. In international practice, "cooking show" is used as an educational measure to promote the consumption of vegetables among students.

Cooking in front of the visitors, the so-called Fresh-time order is an innovative organizational method of cooking in the hall for immediate consumption. It can be applied during the catering service of holiday parties, thus the company "Dilizhans" creates the theme of the event, where guests can participate in the development of their own recipes for salads, snacks, mashed potatoes, fresh drinks, mixes.

Current trends of fast food business development are determined by: increase of fast food segment in Ukraine; active development of entrepreneurial activity abroad as large players of the market and representatives of the middle business; increasing the competitiveness of the domestic restaurant business both in the national market and in Western European countries.


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